Terrafame mine, Tuhkakylä - Finland

Due to an earlier sucsessful membrane installation, Processing Water Treatment Oy in Finland has continued confidence from the state-owned Terra Fame mine, formerly known as "The Talvivaara mine"

The mission carried out in November 2015 included membranes in order to recover and reuse the plant process water in addition also service and optimization of the operation of the RO plant. The RO system is designed for a capacity of up to 345m³ / h.

"We have already done optimizations on several different types of installations where customers have had challenges with clogged membranes with costly downtime and also a deterioration in water quality as a result.

- "Many times, the installations are based on a pre-calculated water analysis that does not match the actual water quality" says Jan Huttunen, CEO of Processing Water Treatment Oy.


In an optimization we start from the actual water analysis and based on the results we then select the correct type of membrane for the specific purpose. Thanks to this, the membrane life time has improved significantly and the consumption of chemicals in the water treatment process has been considerably reduced.

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Water Treatment
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