Örebro University Hospital, Örebro - Sweden


Hospital reserve water

Örebro University Hospital (USÖ), located near the center with 550 patient beds, is one of the country's seven university hospitals and has about 3,500 employees. USÖ is also an acute care hospital that need to maintain a high alert even if social functions, such as electricity and water supply fails.

One of the criteria that the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) requires is to achieve the status of "the robust hospital", is access to reserve water. USÖ have investigated possible water sources and then decided to use the nearby Svartån. A stable supply of water is of course an advantage, but from the water treatment standpoint, the water is very challenging with high levels of inter alia organic materials, metals, and color.

To investigate what techniques that should work best, Processing AB was engaged. Installation and commissioning of a pilot plant started to evaluated the trials. The pilot plant contained several different filter systems and an advanced control system. The control system makes it easy to select and combine different techniques with each other while all vital parameters are monitored and stored in the system.

Now the pilot tests is completed and Processing AB submit shortly the solid substrate in a final report to USÖ to go ahead and take a decision on a full-scale plant. The pilot plant has been dismantled by our systems engineers and is now about to be built at our next mission.

NF / UF / Sand filters / Coarse/prefilters / Filter media / Flocculation/Sedimentation / Instrument & dosing/control
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Water Treatment