Borås Zoo, Borås - Sweden


Chemical dosing in the penguin basin

Previously hydrochloric acid was used to adjust the pH of the pool water.
The hydrochloric acid reduced the alkalinity so much that the flocculants no longer worked satisfactorily.
In addition, handling of the hydrochloric acid was an environment problem for the zookeepers.

The dosage equipment Processomat for redemption of CO2 was installed for the pH adjustment of the plant's two water treatment systems.
Additionally, for a more easy and safe handling of the flocculent.
two flocculent dosing stations was installed.

To reduce the amount of organics in the water, and thereby reduce the burden on the water treatment, is now a fully automatic pool bottom cleaner used, that quick and easy cleans the pool bottom regularly.

Coarse/prefilters / Filter media / Flocculation/Sedimentation / Instrument & dosing/control / Pumps
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Water Treatment