Technical solutions

Processing Adaptable Systems
 - Offers a wide range of technical solutions that give the customers every opportunity to make the right choices. By mastering and offer all known technologies and product types on the market, we can, in consultation with the customer, offer the best technology solution based on the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

So, if you can imagine it, we can do it.
That makes sense!

Processing AB offers a variety of techniques for mechanical separation of everything from larger particles such as surface water to the smallest, bacteria and viruses in drinking water. Our product portfolio consists of conventional techniques such as sand, disk and micro filters, but perhaps most importantly of membrane technology currently used in more and more applications. The recent developments have made membrane technology into a highly efficient separation technology. Membrane technology can be used for example in the production of boiler water or as a microbiological barrier in the drinking water process. If necessary, the membrane technology is complemented by EDI technology.

In addition to standard systems, we are able to adapt the filter system for specific conditions. To make the filter system to a complete water treatment, we can integrate other functions such as disinfection and measurement. Connected to, for example, project planning and technical studies, we also are able to provide different filter systems as pilot plants.

Processing AB offers established techniques for disinfection of different types of water. The most common techniques are UV light, electrolysis and chlorine dioxide, but we use also a variety of other products, for example, support to various filter systems. Together with our partners, Evoqua and Dr. Nüsken, we have a wide knowledge about different disinfection and oxidation processes such as legionella control and precipitation of iron and manganese.

Our skilled service technicians provide help along the way, from commissioning to recurring preventive maintenance. This applies whether it is a question about an individual pump, or a more complex chlorine electrolyzing system.

Process control and monitoring
In virtually every system needs some form of controll for optimal function. Through the years we, along with our partners have gained extensive knowledge and experience of different applications and conditions. We can help with everything from producing system documents for installation of metering equipment and cabinets. Often, we also are commissioned to optimize processes. Many times the focus becomes a combination of such operations and personal safety, economy and energy consumption.

In addition to instruments for process control, we also provide all kinds of analytical instruments required to continuously monitor that everything works as it should. We also offer different variants of service that helps to ensure that the reliability and economy is optimal along the plant's entire lifetime.