Service and knowledge

Processing is a leading Nordic company with fifty years of experience in water treatment. The company is represented and active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Since January 2019 Processing is a part of EnviroChemie's corporate structure and thereby further strengthens the position as the Nordic region's leading supplier in water treatment for public pools, industry and water and waste water supply. In the EnviroChemie structure, we are now approx. 800 employees. 

Processing will also serve as a local Nordic platform for other companies within the Skion Water Group such as Ovivo, Eliquo Water Group and Paques among others.

Water Treatment Solutions
Whether it is about a single system, or a complete construction, our commitment does not end with the final delivery. Instead, we like to provide the oportunity to be your reliable partner over time.

Our nationwide service is at hand whether it´s about accrual service updates or advice. Our systems engineers have a very broad expertise in water treatment systems, and also a good knowledge of related functions such as various electrical and control systems.

The continuous exchange of knowledge between us and our world leading partners, colleagues and clients, always keeps us updated of what´s going on and what´s to come in the water tretment bransh.

Our focus and goal orientation over the years has been low-lifetime-cost. This means that we never compromise on quality in favor of short term profits. Our choice of products and technical solutions characterized by experience that cheap is not always the most economical solution, either in short or long term.

Stability and continuity
Processing works by the motto "Best on proven technology." This means that we avoid letting our customers take action as test platforms without knowing. Through our extensive collaboration with leading agencies, our customers always can be sure that the most optimal combination of performance, reliability and ease of use is achieved.

Entirety and context
Our focus as a total supplier means that together with the customer already in the planning stage we togheter find the best and suitable solution. Our expertise ranges from wastewater treatment to the attractions of the water park and designing concepts based spas. This width means that the project team and the end customer is enriched with a holistic approach that few entrepreneurs in the bransh possess.

Maintenance and service
We perform service and calibration of instruments and metering equipment.
The work is always based on the Environmental Regulation of self-monitoring and current ISO certifications.